Likii Dispensary

The Gertrude’s Hospital (Nairobi) outreach team (wearing blue tops) visit the dispensary once a month seeing very sick children. The team is composed of a paediatrician, nurse/counsellor, nutritionist and driver. CHADIK pays all the teams costs including any drugs they prescribe

Doldol District Hospital

Monthly visits by the Gertrude’s outreach team are very important in this very poor semi desert area. Malnutrition is a major problem and malaria is on the increase due to dam recently constructed in the area.

Kisima Mixed Secondary Boarding School

CHADIK together with the Lawes Foundation funds 10 poor but bright students every year. With the emphasis on developing agricultural expertise, the school has been donated a large teaching polytunnel by Haygrove Lt (UK). Here the agriculture class can be seen picking tomatoes and peppers, they have grown themselves, for the kitchen. Voice over by Catherine Maina the projects leader.